September 24, 2021
Fly Bra

Fly Bra

Fly Bra Product Overview. What is it?

The Fly Bra is a special invisible bra, ideal for wearing with open clothing. The development of the product took place in strict accordance with the features of the physique of women, the anatomy of the breast. The neckline area is noticeably improved thanks to the product, the result is a very stylish and elegant look. Fly Bra can be used daily. Those who have already worn such a bra at least once leave extremely positive reviews, noting its quality and comfort during use. The product is designed for a long service life.

How to use?

Complete with a bra there are detailed instructions from the manufacturer, the rules of application are detailed in great detail. Wear a bra on dry, previously cleansed skin. If there is even a little moisture in the neckline, the Fly Bra will not attach tightly enough. Place the bra on your chest and press its surface against your skin for the best fit. By tightening the lace, you can give your breasts a nice and regular shape. Once you are satisfied that the bra is worn correctly, you can put on your clothes. You can use Fly Bra every day, the manufacturer promises an unlimited service life, so this purchase will delight you for a very long time.

How does it work?

Due to the presence of a lace, the bra lifts the breast, creating a very beautiful and seductive neckline. Thanks to Fly Bra, you can safely wear open tops and dresses, the underwear will not be ugly because of the clothes. The correct positioning on the chest and the hypoallergenic silicone allow the bra to stay in place at all times, even during intense sports training.


Unlike a regular bra, the Fly Bra has no back and shoulder straps, so you can safely wear dresses with an open back and be confident in your incomparable attractiveness. The bra consists of two cups, they are soft and covered with special silicone, which ensures a snug fit to the breast. While wearing, the cups do not move at all.
There are special openings inside the cups for air access to the chest, so the neckline will not fog up while wearing. The silicone used for the inner part of the bra is absolutely hypoallergenic. The fabric used for the body can be easily sanitized without compromising its appearance.

Where to buy - At a pharmacy or store?

Customer Reviews

"Great bra. I liked it, I will order it in a blissful time. I will write a review)"

"Interesting thing. Thinking soon I will order my wife."

"I don't like bras, but this one got me interested. I want to order it soon."

Indications for use

The instructions for use contain the principles of use, as well as a detailed description of the product. A characteristic feature of the Fly bra is the strapless, seamed and fastened shape. Poorly visible under invisible clothing. The bust is raised, but the material used is not directly visible under the invisible clothing. At the moment, the bra will be published in a dark and light brown color. The bra consists of 2 comfortable cups, united by lacing. The lacing changes to form a curvy neckline. Along the edges on the back sides, the cups have an adhesive base. The presence of a push-up is also considered a good feature. It is necessary to select a product of specific volumes. It can be worn in an evening dress. Payment is made only after the product has been picked up. There is a special sign on the Internet that can help you choose the required size. There are a number of rules for how to put on the product:
  • the place must be washed in advance and wiped dry, it is not recommended to use any creams or lotions;
  • before applying the bodice, the lacing must be relaxed;
  • after the required fit, the laces are laced to the desired shape;


Fly bra has a number of weak points, which are usually associated with a violation of the rules for using this product. The disadvantages include the following things: when using the product, it will take some time to get used to its shape, discomfort may appear at the beginning of use; not recommended for girls with sensitive and susceptible skin; you need to try to dress if necessary, with frequent use of silicone gel, an allergy may seem; If you violate the care of linen of this brand, then it can begin to get dirty, it can lose its shape and dress poorly. How to wash a bodice so as not to spoil it? Do not use powders for washing.

Doctor's review

Concentrate your interest in the model. Flawless look - this bust is comfortably reflected in the bra cups.


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