January 18, 2021
Fish XXL
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Fish XXL

Fish XXL Product Overview. What is it?

Fish XXL is a fish biting activator for summer or winter fishing. It comes in a handy spray that’s easy to take with you. Such a versatile bait will increase your catch several times. The drug is produced by a manufacturer from the USA, it has proven itself well in catching predatory and peaceful fish of all sizes.

How to use?

The spray is easy to use. Shake the bottle well and apply the product to the bait (both artificial and natural types can be used). After you catch the fish, process the bait again. If you plan on fishing for predatory and especially cautious fish, the bait should be processed as abundantly as possible.

How does it work?

The composition of the product includes active ingredients that have a specific smell and taste, attractive to most fish species. After the components get into the water, they start to smell strong, some of them interact with the mucous membrane of the fish. As a result, schools of fish begin to follow the trail of this smell, and after 10 minutes they are on your hook.
With this spray, you can catch fish even if they are cautious or the weather conditions are not very favorable for fishing. Despite the fairly abundant application, the product is economical in consumption. Please note that it contains only natural ingredients, so even regular use of the bait does not harm the environment and water bodies. The product retains its smell in cold water, therefore it is suitable for fishing in the winter season.

The composition of the drug

The Fish XXL spray contains components that attract the attention of fish and promote active biting:

  • Elephant garlic. A plant that has a rather pungent odor. Effective for pike, crucian and carp fishing.
  • Squid protein, to which catfish and burbot are especially sensitive.
  • Hemp oil. It helps you catch bream and roach.
  • Lime extract. Another substance that is suitable for catching bream and crucian carp that are sensitive to citrus smell and taste.

The balanced composition is suitable for fishing in any waters, regardless of the season and weather conditions, it can be used by both beginners in the world of fishing and true professionals.

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